Coronation, Apostolic Blessings and Recognition

Coronation, Apostolic Blessings and Recognition

Coronation Ceremonies

For the anointing rite of the coronation ceremony the candidates must be of a royal bloodline or appropriately elected by nobility with royal bloodlines and/or investiture by one with the royal bloodline.

Candidates must submit documentation and must profess Jesus Christ, be morally pure, and declare the same in writing.

Only the traditional anointing will be included in the ceremony unless the candidate will actually be a head of state. A Certificate of Coronation/Anointing will be issued by the Metropolitan-Bishop.

The spiritual significance of the anointing of sovereigns is discussed in:The Spiritual and Apostolic Nature of Royal Selection in the Holy Church Catholic and Apostolic.

This paper basically proves, via historical cases and other information, that the spiritual anointing is more significant and superior to bloodlines and by extension the notion of "fons honorum" conceived by men.

The Apostolic Blessings

For the will grant Apostolic Blessings, We need to have proof of moral purity. Apostolic Blessings go to the religious orders of chivalry or to individuals.

Candidates Candidates may be of any Christian denomination.

Recognition Certificates

Recognition certificates go to orders of chivalry and individuals for the titles issued by others.

Recognition certificates can be issued to anyone who is morally pure, and hold a title from a prince with a genuine bloodline. Candidates may be of any Christian denomination.

Additionally, in all cases we expect documentation of service to humanity such as charity, volunteer work, etc.